The Macedonian Call Ministries

Welcome to The Macedonian Call Ministries, headed by Apostle Vincent R. Pool with  wife, and helpmeet, Jo Lynne Pool.  The goal of our ministries is to provide you with resources for your spiritual growth and development.  As you explore our website, you'll find pages that serve very different functions, as they address very different needs within the Body of Christ.


We have brought together a variety of ministries, along with talented artists and craftspeople, all of whom have been gifted to serve God's people.  Do you need insights into the direction that God is moving in this present Day?   Open up "The Apostle's Pen", by Apostle Vincent Pool, sharing the Word that has been given to him from God Himself through prayer and revelation.


Are you seeking direction in the area of relationships?  Excerpts from Sis. Jo Lynne Pool's published books for single and married women will provide the Godly guidance you're seeking to understand your Christian husband and that potential Christian mate…check out the pages entitled "A Good Man is Hard to Find…Unless God is Head of Your Search Committee";  "How to Know if He's the One that God Sent to You"; and "The Abigail Factor - Lessons from a Godly Wife".


The page entitled "Covenant Communities" will introduce you to the non-denominational ministries that are waiting to serve you in the Houston area.  As the website expands, we will include ministries in other locations nationally and worldwide that have been ordained by God to meet the needs of His people in these Latter Days.  Do you seek counseling for battered women, drug problems, marital relations, or prophecy and direction?  One of these ministries may be exactly where God is leading you.


Finally, as a published author (Thomas Nelson, 1995 - 2005), Sis. Pool completely understands the dilemmas confronting you as you attempt to publish the material that God has ordained to you for the Community of Believers Worldwide.  You know that the Word He has given you, be it in the area of Relationships, Finances, Church-issues, etc. are from Him, and are intended to be made available to those who are waiting to receive it.  But how can you accomplish this in an era where "Christian" publishing houses are consolidating, and have shrunk to a perilous and greedy few?


"Ark Publishing" is the answer that God has placed upon our hearts.  Details of both Ark Publishing and Faith House Publishing are available on these web pages.  There is a reasonably priced alternative for self-publishing of the material that God has given to you, and you will find details here on "The Macedonian Call Ministries" website.


Each of the ministries, products, and services listed on this website have been personally reviewed and vetted by both Apostle Vincent and Sis Jo Lynne Pool.  We believe they represent top-notch value, quality and God's ordained direction for us personally, for the people highlighted on this website, and for you, the visitor and partaker in our ministries.  


May God Richly Inspire, Bless and Keep You!


Apostle Vincent R. Pool

Sister Jo Lynne Pool



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